Welcome to the Wycliffe Photography Club

 Our purpose is to bring together members of Wycliffe Country Club who enjoy taking photographs; our goal is to advance our knowledge and understanding of the art and science of photography.  We will serve our members by encouraging the enhancement of their photography skills through education, by offering opportunities for attending group photo shoots, by exhibiting their images and by fostering a camaraderie with others who also share a love of photography.


All residents are welcome to join regardless of experience level. 

Special Recognition to Don Baida


Time-Life has brought out a beautiful coffee table book:  "LIFE Magazine and the Power of Photography"
Don Baida has  been honored to have one of his images selected to be included in this book.  This picture has been selected to be one of the frontispieces to the new air and space museum in Washington D.C.  It also is in a collection at the Smithsonian in Washington as well as published in many textbooks as a defining moment of the first lunar landing.
Furthermore, it has hung in the Wycliffe Photography Gallery.

2020 - First Place - Viewbug Photo Challenge for NCAA College Football - Alan Fabricant

F3C 2020 Print Competition - Ribbon Winners

Ribbon Winners  F3C 2020

Club Bylaws are available upon request from our club Secretary Joyce Schiff