Wycliffe Stickball League

The  game of stickball, a derivative of baseball originating on the streets of Brooklyn, NY, is alive and well and being played by Wycliffe stickball aficionados (i.e. geezers) under the leadership of founder and self-proclaimed "Commish" Marty Ross. The Wycliffe Stiffs Stickball League steps up to the plate for its 16th season this year at Wellington's Village Park where games are played nearly every Tuesday afternoon during "season" and extending until early March.  The names of the teams leave no doubt about the league's New York City connections, they are: Bronx Clippers, New York Egg Creams, Brooklyn Bums, Dukes of Flatbush and the Long Island Whalers. 

"These guys are having the time of their lives," said Marty Ross.  The duties of league commissioner are being transferred to longtime competitor and friend of Marty, Steve Wechsler.